Spring to summer in fields of green
A shepherd man hunts for his queen
Her treasures bright and glorious, found
By beating heart of Love unbound.

Upon the rocks and river’s dam
With Lady love he’ll hold the lamb,
To guard them both while birds do sing
Til winter’s breath the sap does bring.

As time goes on to wintry night,
With Lady love and glowing light,
The shepherd man his flocks do tend
To Lady love his knee doth bend 

For trinkets that the shepherd made
His Lady love, in wooded glade,
She’ll give to him her maiden days
For love she does the shepherd’s ways.

A ring of gold and wedding veil
A rope of pearls and roses pale
For faith she goes down petaled aisles
To promise him eternal smiles

Youth is fine for childhood fear
But adults know that time is dear.
Little nymph you must choose wise,
For love, like life, moves quick, then dies.